Laser Surgery

What is Laser Surgery?

Laser Surgery has a fundamentally different approach to surgery over the traditional scalpel method, by the interaction of the laser light with the tissues. In laser surgery a highly focused laser beam can efficiently cut away the living tissue and at the same time it seals the capillaries, small blood vessels, nerve endings and lymphatics while providing significant benefits to both patients and surgeons.

Laser Surgery Benefits for Patients

Less Bleeding- As the laser cuts it seals smaller blood vessels, therefore drastically reducing any bleeding that may occur resulting in many new surgical procedures that are now possible that were not practical before with the conventional scalpel method.

Less Pain- The CO2 laser seals nerve endings and lymphatics resulting in less pain which in turn makes the post-op recovery much more comfortable for the patient.

Quicker Recovery Time- Reduced risk of infection, less bleeding, less pain, and less swelling often allows the patient a quicker recovery after surgery.

Reduced risk of Infection- The CO2 laser offers the benefit of efficiently killing bacteria while it cuts essentially producing a sterilizing effect which makes the risk of infection significantly lower.

Laser Surgery Benefits for Surgeons

Unique Surgical Capabilities- The laser improves many surgical procedures by making the simpler and reducing risk.

Enhanced Visibility of Surgical Field- The laser seals small capillaries and blood vessels as it cuts which dramatically helps with visibility as the incision site.

Increased Precision and Control- The laser beam has a focal spot of light that can adjust down to a fraction of a millimeter or it can be expanded to cover a much wider area. Also the power of the laser can be adjusted which gives the surgeon the option of rapid removal of tissue or if needed it can remove one cell layer at a time.

Reduction of Surgery Time- The hemostatic effect of the laser beam and the improved visibility of the surgical field often reduces the duration of the surgery.


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